* * What is the shipping fee?

Free shipping for all your purchases over 50 TL to Turkey. For orders under 50 TL, the shipping cost is 5 TL.

* * When does Cargo / Order arrive?

Your orders will be delivered to cargo within 24 hours. In case of adrese delivery option, your order will be delivered to your address within 1-3 working days after delivery of the cargo via Aras Cargo.

Since the cargo companies do not work during the official holidays and holidays, your delivery will be made within the first working day.

* How can I follow Cargo? Where is the order Cargo?

You can find out more about your order by clicking on the non-subscription order tracking at the bottom of the carpentry page and entering your order number or e-mail address
My account on my subscription orders - where my cargo is on my orders is made by option.

* Can I make / cancel any changes to the order?

No changes can be made after the order has been placed in order to ensure the security of your order and the correct delivery. If you wish to cancel your order, please call our customer service line at 0 (850) 433 23 99 or send an e-mail to

Note: Please do not forward your order number information to your requests.


* How can I return the products from e-store?


You are required to create a submission within 7 days of your submission, along with the reason for the return request for the relevant order, from my return requests unconditionally in the Account category.

You will then be returned to the relevant billing address as ARAS KARGO - ASİL Cargo TUDORS.


* Can I return the products I bought from internet store?

- No. Only changes are made from the stores. The refund proceeds on the above refund procedure.


* Is it necessary to pay an extra fee for cash payment at the door?

Cash payment at the door is only 5 TL. In addition to the shipping fee to our orders, payment at the door will be reflected in the service price.


* Why do I need my cell phone number when paying orders at the door?

Your mobile phone number is required to ensure that your order is securely transmitted to the correct person. We request this information so that we can provide you with better service and payment security.


* How can I refund my order with cash payment at the door?

You have to send your order details first to mail

You will then be returned to the relevant billing address as ARAS CARGO - ASİL Cargo TUDORS.


Please do not include your IBAN number or account number in detail to deposit your bank account for your refund amount. The bank account information and the information of the person who places the order must match, otherwise payment for the return can not be made.


* How to become a member?

To create a new membership, click on the "Create Account" button in the upper right corner of our homepage. Please fill in the necessary information and register. You can also log in to our website via facebook.   


* I want to know the stock information of a product?

By entering my wish lists through My Account. You need to find a new request. You can request all the details by specifying the stock code of the relevant product.


* Do you make installments? Which banks do you have an agreement with?

You can use credit cards from all domestic banks in advance for shopping on our site. In installments, you can deposit your orders with 3 credit cards which are included in World, Bonus, Maximum, Axess, Card Finans, Paraf Card and Asya Card programs. +2 If you want a total of 5 installments, you will get a difference in maturity.


* When do I have to pay back the product I'm returning?

-Your refund of the product you are reimbursing is immediately notified to the bank, but the payment can be made within 15 days.



* Are payments via wire transfer?

Unfortunately we do not use payment by air way.


* Can I change the delivery address of the order?

If your order is not cargo, you can change it for free. If it is cargo and city transfer, we can request this change with cargo company with an extra 5 TL. Please contact in this case.



* Can I change the order recipient?

Unfortunately, you can not change after your order is billed and the cargo is delivered. If you have any changes before this, you need to inform us in the support section on your account.


* With which company will Kargom be sent?

-We work with a cargo company.


* Do you have delivery abroad? / Where are your sending areas?

We have no shipment abroad. The necessary studies are continuing.