This contract has been prepared by Tudors Shirt to determine the rules and conditions for the use of the website.


  • If you want to become a member of Tudors Shirt (Online Sales), you have to fill in the registration form and get a user password..
  • This means that you accept and commit to comply with the provisions of the Tudors Shirts Virtual Store membership contract. The User is deemed to have committed to comply with the Tudors Shirts Virtual Store Agreement upon successful completion of the subscription process.


Tudors Shirt Virtual Warehouse offers different communication services (voting, ordering, e-bulletin request, informing discounts) and shopping in electronic environment to members who approve the contract.


  • The Tudors Shirt Virtual Store member has a "password" that he or she will choose.
  • The e-mail address you give at registration is specific to the member and has the opportunity to create a single membership; You can not have two different memberships with the same e-mail address. "Password" is only known by the user. User can change password whenever wants to. The selection and protection of the password is entirely the responsibility of the user.
  • The Tudors Shirt Virtual Store is not responsible for any problems caused by password usage.
  • The user must enter the e-mail address and password entered during registration in order to be able to connect to the services required for membership of the Virtual store. This process is described as being "login" to the Tudors Shirt virtual store.


The Member shall be responsible for ensuring that the information contained in the registration form is correct and that such information is necessary (such as forgotten password) when the Tudors Shirt Virtual Store services are used and that the information belongs to the user himself / herself because of the inaccurate and incomplete information, That the copyright of the services and software provided by Tudors Shirts Virtual Store belongs to the Tudors Shirts Virtual Store and that the software can not be reproduced in any way and that the personal opinions, opinions, statements, files added and the personally identifiable information submitted by Tudors Shirts Virtual Store services are their own responsibility, The store shall not be liable in any way for these files and the use of the obligation to cover all damages that may arise as a result of such circumstances And that the Tudors Shirts Virtual Store will not be responsible for the information messages and files that will be lost or misplaced during the use of the services and / or will be received incorrectly, and that the services provided at the Tudors Shirts Virtual Store will not be accessible outside of the format specified by the Tudors Shirts Virtual Store and unauthorized And that the Tudors Shirts Virtual Store will not be liable for any damages that may arise from the unauthorized alteration of the software or any payment of any material or moral damages that the Tudors Shirts Virtual Store may have suffered in case of failure to comply with any of the foregoing, Immoral, racist, non-conspicuous messages to the Republic of Turkey and the International Covenant, harming the information or software on other users' computers Loss of information or other damages incurred on the user's computer, own responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by the Tudors Shirt Virtual Store services caused by the use of the service, Tudors You may not use the Shirt Virtual Store for damages, use the services of Tudors Shirts Virtual Store for commercial or commercial purposes without permission, observe that the Tudors Shirt Virtual Store will be able to monitor the whole system at any time or at any time, the members take the necessary intervention and take them out of service and that it has the right to terminate membership, the Tudors Shirt Virtual Store, can use their system for commercial purposes, glare Law The information must not be mailed to whether or not to re mails and mail chain (chain mail), etc. virus software. , Not to misappropriate personal information belonging to others, to not abuse, to be responsible for any transaction with e-mail address stated during registration of the member, to purchase the transaction on the system via a valid credit card, or They have to do with money order / EFT, can not make a purchase from the system if they do not approve credit card validity or if they do not pay by bank transfer / EFT payment, show a valid identity card when requested during product delivery, have to register relevant credentials and sign them, The product can not be delivered to them, and if the product is being delivered by another person, the person who has delivered the product, the person who has delivered the product to him on behalf of Tudors Shirts Virtual Store, Recognizing the most person ", that the product will not be delivered if the document is not signed, and therefore the order will not be realized.


  • The Tudors Shirts Virtual Store may temporarily suspend or stop the system from running at any time.